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The translations are intended to capture the overall intent of the original material presented in English.

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Our goal in providing this tool is to make information more accessible to families whose first language is not English.

Thank you.

Mme Christine Chisholm


Office Staff

Mme Diane Piazza

Elementary Administrative Assistant

Educational Staff

Mme Courtney Beaudry/ Mme Tammy Rideout


Mme Celeste Ovens-Lamothe / Mme Jess Venedam


Mme Pina Mastroianni


Mme Maxine St. Pierre

Grade 1

Mme Chantal Koskela

Grade 1/2

Mme Nancy Beaulieu-Quenneville

Grade 2

Mme Stephanie Bassis-Lazure

Grade 2

Mme Lynn Bruneau

Grade 2/3

Mme Melinda Carrocci

Grade 3/4

Mme Katie Laframboise

Grade 4/5

M. Julien Pomerleau

Grade 5/6

Mme Lindsay Robinson

Grade 6/Prep

Mme Stefanie Gemmell

Grade 6/Music

Mme Stacey Spadafore

Grades 7 and 8 FI

M. Norm Leblanc

Grade 7 and 8 English

Mme Stephanie Horton

Prep Primary

Mme Lynn Hansen

Prep Primary Junior

Mme Linda MacLean


Mme Stephanie Preen

Special Education Resource Teacher

Mme Crystal Larocque

Educational Assistant

Support Staff

Mme Taina Heikkila

Library Clerk

Mme Lorraine Hadner