Say ‘oui’ to French Immersion

Children are naturally inclined to learn language.

French Immersion is designed for English-speaking parents/guardians so they can support their children in school.

In French Immersion, students learn to speak French through the study of other subjects. This enriches their vocabulary, develops their problem solving skills, and increases their opportunities to speak French in meaningful contexts.

French Immersion provides students with an understanding of the cultures of French-speaking societies by integrating cultural studies into daily language instruction. Students also develop strong fundamental skills in oral communication (listening and speaking) as well as reading and writing.

Upon graduation from Grade 8, students receive an Elementary French Immersion Certificate. French Immersion students are encouraged to continue to study in the French Immersion Program at the secondary school level.

  • In Junior Kindergarten, 25 per cent of instruction is in French at the beginning of the year with gradual progression to 100 per cent by the end of the year.
  • In Senior Kindergarten, the teachers speak French all of the time, with the exception of a 20-minute English period daily. Students are encouraged to respond in French as much as possible.
  • In Grades 1 and 2, 100 per cent of the classroom instruction is in French, with the exception of a 20-minute English literacy block daily.
  • In Grades 3 and 4, French Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Music, Art, and Technology are taught in French and English Language Arts and Science are taught in English.
  • In Grades 5 to 8, French Language Arts, Social Studies (History, Geography), Music, Art, Physical Education and Health are taught in French while English Language Arts, Science, and Mathematics are taught in English.

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